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"The top 100 global brands have brand equity worth $1 TRILLION."Business Week
July 2004

If you want to leverage your market presence and flex your brand equity, why not add a compelling wireless service to your brand? Did you know that 1 million subscribers could potentially add in the order of US $430m annual revenue and US $80m EBITDA in addition to adding significant capital value to your company? It's an opportunity that deserves to be evaluated.

As the flexibility and low cost of the internet impacts on the mobile world, we can help your brand live at the centre of your customer's telecoms future. It's a lucrative and exciting opportunity that takes brand extension to a whole new level.

Your customers already love being wireless; with our help you can own the 'brand space' that allows them to connect. It's a powerful and compelling position to be at the heart, the 'touch point' of your customer's connection.

That connection can be via an internet IP network, GSM, GPRS, 3G, CDMA or WiFi. In your customers' mind, they've got one device, one bill, one brand. One true connection. That's your brand. Imagine how powerful that is. Then think of pushing content, games, applications and services via this new mobile channel.

The potential to cross-sell services and products, using mobile as a sales channel, is just one positive outcome of having a branded wireless offering.

So how big is the MVNO market?

Strategy Analytics forecasts that by 2008, over US $30Bn per year will be flowing into the hands of MVNOs globally. This is the fastest growing global segment of the mobile telephony industry.

In August 2005, the Yankee Group announced that the MVNO market in the US will reach $10.7bn by 2010. IDC believes that the total MVNO subscriber base in Western Europe will grow from 13m in 2005 to more than 47m in 2009. MVNOs are now also starting to gain increased traction in Asia and Africa.

Our tried and tested MVNO success criteria outline what you need to be able to succeed in the MVNO space

Does your brand have mass market appeal or a significant niche market appeal?

Have you got strong distribution channels?

Do you have enough funding to launch the new mobile business and to support it to the point where it becomes cash positive?

What compelling applications and services would you offer your customers to attract them to your branded wireless experience?

Do you know how to protect the business plan against future disruptive technologies?"

mvnopartners can help you to answer all these questions and more. We offer a feasibility study at the outset to find out exactly if your brand has the potential to win in the wireless arena.

If your brand is suitable, these are the opportunities and benefits of extending your brand into the wireless arena:

  • Create a profitable new revenue stream and add considerably to existing customer lifetime value. 1 million subscribers could potentially add US $430m annual revenue and US $80m EBITDA
  • Add to the brand's capital value. Previous MVNO sales have seen subscribers valued at between US $500 and US $2000
  • Mobile can be complementary to the brand's other businesses, strengthening core offerings via mobile enablement where appropriate. The mobile device also provides a direct channel to your customers for the cross-selling and up-selling of core products and services
  • Attract new customers to the brand, creating ever greater brand equity
  • Brand enhancement - bring added value to your offering

We are interested in helping to create MVNOs that are commercially-viable because we want you to succeed

The first step is finding out if an MVNO is appropriate for your brand. mvnopartners will work with you from the outset to research the feasibility of a branded wireless offering. We will help you move into this ever-changing and complex arena with your eyes open, primed to succeed. To discuss setting up a feasibility study, contact Steven Lowe on +44 7841 819 922.

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